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Did you know that we produce worldwide around 5.8 million tons of rubbish per day?

Seeing that we are voting for people who don´t seem to be interested or don´t believe in climate change, I think it´s time for us normal people to start acting. That´s why I started this blog.

Here I will try out lots of recycling ideas and will show you the results, plus some instructions, so you can try yourself and, if you want, upload your photos to the comments of the corresponding post. Plus, you will find posts with tips on green living. Stay up to date by signing up to my newsletter.

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A note on the above: If you are passionate about our environment and want to do something good, here is a link to a site which I think does a brilliant job and needs to be supported! 4Ocean are cleaning up our oceans and coral reefs and we can and should support them!

Note: This link is NOT an affiliate link. I asked them to be allowed to put their link on my site as I love what they do! And I decided, that the first income I make from this blog, will buy me one of their bracelets. I will keep you updated on this…

Little fun fact:

My 7-year old son has seen me starting on some projects and was excited about the idea to recycle. The next day, on our way home from school he picked up a piece of cardboard which had flown out of a skip on the road and said happily: “I will make a bridge out of it for my cars.” So, after all homework was done, we got to work. Unfortunately, the bridge was not big enough for where he had planned to use it… the next day he picked up at least 10 more pieces from the street, so we could build roads as well. This gave me the idea to include a section of DIY with kids where we will show you the projects we have done together.

I wanted to put a photo of our project, but unfortunately, playing outside we forgot the time and had to rush to taekwondo and it started raining in the meantime… But I still have a photo from in-between. It is not the best one, but better than nothing…

bridge out of cardboard

Update: my son has had a few more good ideas of his own on how to repurpose some things. Keep your eyes open, as we will try them out and post them once they are done.

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