In this course you will learn, in a bit over 2 weeks, how to create an eco-friendly home that will protect your family´s health, save you money and create a better world for your children.

A Quick Start GuideTo Creating An Eco-friendly Home Without Overwhelm & Frustration - live training

The live training will begin December 6th and contains:

  1. 3 things you must do before starting an eco-friendly life
  2. How to jumpstart your eco-friendly lifestyle
  3. How to know if a product is REALLY eco-friendly
  4. 10 products you can easily replace with eco-friendlier versions today
  5. Q & A: Get all your questions answered

EXTRAS: Access to all replays and to an active Facebook group where you can ask anything. Plus 15 actionable tips to make your home eco-friendly this week.

Get the training for only $ 147!

Why should you take my advise?

I used to think, that protecting the environment is only possible, when you have a lot of money and that our politicians and big companies will make a start.

Well, this is not the case. In fact, everybody can start en eco-friendly life without having to spend money. More and more people are already living green and the more join the more likely companies and politics will change.

Without really knowing it, I grew up living eco-friendly and continued to live this way up until a few years ago. This was when I started looking into green living and realised that it is a lot easier than I thought. Plus, I didn´t have to spend money on all those expensive products to do so!

Now I am teaching you the first steps and can accompany you even further into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Get the training for only $ 147!