I love autumn! Time of cozy evenings, candle light, ripe grapes, fruit teas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the forests turning colourful 🙂 And, Christmas around the corner! I miss the forests where I live now, so I look forward to taking out our autumn decor and creating more. The only thing I like about autumn more here is, that the evenings are getting cooler, but the days are still warm…

What about you? What do you like most about autumn?

So, in this post I am going to give you some autumn decor ideas to get you started.

Autumn decor with jars

Take an old marmalade glass or similar, a mason jar and some string or cable. Wrap the cable around a smaller part and then above creating a handle. You could already just put a tea light in and done. Or place some nice stones in the bottom and then the tea light.

Fill a mason jar with stones and water and then add some autumn flowers. This is a nice alternative to a vase.

For Halloween fill the jars with cotton or a piece of an old cushion that you´ve stretched so that it looks like a spider web. Add a toy spider, so that it looks even more realistic.

Autumn decor using pumpkins

Simply spread some small pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal items around the house and your jars. Just a little touch like this can make a big difference in your home.

Instead of cutting out pumpkins, paint them or, if you have a stencil, use this to decorate your pumpkin.

If you are doing some autumn decor with your kids, get some paper or cardboard. Draw a pumpkin shape and decorate it however you want. As some ideas: fill ist with autumn leaves, hand prints, buttons, rice, fabric… Depending on the size, cut them out and make a garland out of your different designs.

Talking about garlands, although it hasn´t got anything to do with pumpkins, get a nice twig and hang different autumn leaves from it with string. This twig will look really good as autumn decor in front of a window.

Fall wreath ideas

If you are not good at making a wreath yourself, you can get undecorated ones in a store and then just add your decorations.

All you then need is a hot glue gun and some decorations. As decor you can pick some small pine cones, ribbon, apples, pumpkins, leaves or some salt dough decorations you have made yourself. Don´t put them all on the one wreath, or it will look too over the top.

If you want to make a Halloween one then just add some spiders and cotton stretched into webs, pumpkins that you decorated and maybe a ghost made from an old white sock or tissue.

Salt dough decorations

A fun thing to do with kids is to make salt dough decorations, not only for autumn or Halloween. The recipe for the salt dough you can find here.

You can form pumpkins or apples and the paint them after baking. Another idea, if you have smaller kids, is to make the pumpkin shape and then add their hand or foot print into the shape.

Be creative in your approach and have fun! Without fun, your salt dough autumn decor will not look even half as good.

That´s it for today, I will add some more pictures over the next days, but my son didn´t let me work a lot today…

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found the right idea for you in it.

Let me know, what your favourite autumn decor is, whether it has been in here or not 🙂

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