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Why you should use coconut oil on your skin. Instead of using all those chemicals, coconut oil gives you not only healthy looking skin, it actually gives you healthy skin! Ideal natural skin care

What can coconut oil do for your skin?

I love coconut oil and use it for many things. Not only for cooking!

Starting an eco-friendly lifestyle, I was looking into reducing chemicals and going more natural in my product choices. That´s when I found the miracle coconut oil. I use it as well in my shower gel I make myself and love the way it makes my whole body feel. Plus, it is one of the main ingredients in my mosquito repelling deodorant. I am still working on a toothpaste I am happy with using coconut oil… Once I found one, I will let you know. 🙂

Coconut oil has one of the richest sources of saturated fat, with about 90% of its calories in saturated fat. It also has a plentiful amount of uses for your skin, all of which will help to preserve the glow of your natural skin.

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Why you should use coconut oil on your skin instead of lotion

Commercial moisturizers make your skin feel nourished because of the water, but as soon as that water evaporates, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Plus, many of these moisturizers contain petroleum-based ingredients that will, in the long run, suffocate your skin.Not to mention all the other chemicals bought moisturizers can contain.

However, use coconut oil on your skin to provide you with a deeper cleansing. It will help to strengthen your primary tissues. It also removes any excess dead cells on the skin’s surface which can make your skin appear rough and scaly.

Coconut oil can solve plenty of skin issues. I use it to soothe bug bites, help with any rashes, get rid of flaky skin, easily remove any eye makeup, soften my wrinkles, protect me from sun damage, and to keep my tan in place for longer.

Lastly, it can heal skin faster. This is because coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids. It will quickly absorb into the skin providing nutrition and energy. This process provides your skin with all the energy that it will need to heal and maintain itself.

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Benefits of coconut oil

* Coconut oil has been proven to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

* It can help cure your acne; it kills the bacteria causing the blemishes in the skin.

* Coconut oil used as a deodorant removes any body odor much better than any deodorant I have ever used.

* Mixed with a few drops of bergamot essential oil, coconut oil can help to heal chapped lips and cold sores.

* Coconut oil is natural – there are no chemicals in it.

* The Vitamin E found in coconut oil is known to help soothe psoriasis and eczema.

* It contains three fatty acids: capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. All three of these acids can kill candida, which is a common cause of fungal infections in the skin.

* Coconut oil can be used as a diaper cream acting as a barrier to help prevent diaper rash.

* Coconut oil helps lighten age spots.

* It helps prevent stretch marks when pregnant.

* When used consistently on skin, it can get rid of cellulite.

* It can help to improve the itch of chicken pox and poison ivy.

* Coconut oil, when placed on cuticles, can help nails to grow.

For best results:

For your face, apply as you would with any other moisturizer. Only use a small amount; use about twice a week. Wipe off after two minutes. If irritation occurs then don´t use coconut oil on your skin.

Instead of using coconut oil on the rest of my body, I have made my own shower gel. You can read more about it and the benefits of the other ingredients here.

Has coconut oil worked for you? If so, what are your favorite uses for coconut oil?

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Why you should use coconut oil on your skin. Instead of using all those chemicals, coconut oil gives you not only healthy looking skin, it actually gives you healthy skin! Ideal natural skin care