I am so super excited at the moment to be able to announce that my e-book “Ease into Green Living” is part of this amazing bundle! The Laptop Lifestyle Bundle is for sale at the moment, but only until the 28th of September!

Laptop Lifestyle Bundle

There are over 40 great products in this bundle, including mine, and something for everyone, not only bloggers. The total value of all products in the Laptop Lifestyle Bundle is of over $ 2,200 and you can snatch it for ONLY $ 27!

Let me tell you a little about the products included in the Laptop Lifestyle Bundle:

  • You get the chance to win 1 year membership to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club worth $ 444!
  • Jumpstart your health by Susie Jumper: a 4 day guide to change your mindset and healthy eating
  • Finding your balance workshop by Val Selby: a 10 day challenge to find your strength to create your perfect balance
  • One month membership of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants by Shannah Holt: Wellness and Weight loss membership
  • Money Mindset Makeover Bundle by MoneyMindsetMuse: Start creating your financial prosperity and abundance
  • K.I.S.S. Podcast Setup by Christina Lemmey: Help to get your Podcast set up
  • 2019 Blog Planner by Sue Fleckenstein
  • Your Social Plan by Julie Herndon
  • 30 days to Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget by Patryscha Korchinski: 30 minute daily lessons
  • Kunaki Genius by Scott Styles: Learn how to turn your digital products into physical products on demand
  • Stepping outside your Comfort Zone by Lisa Rankin: change your mindset with this course
  • Several PLR packages…

There are so many more products in this Laptop Lifestyle Bundle, but I hope this gave you an idea.

So, go and check it out! Just click on any of the words that say Laptop Lifestyle Bundle 🙂

One tip though when you buy it: do not attempt to get all the products or you overwhelm yourself. Pick the ones that most interest you. Believe me, I have done it before: there were so many great products in the bundle I bought that I wanted them all and burnt myself out…